mill city's finest (mcf)

Targeting a young adult audience, Mill City's Finest (MCF), is an action adventure comic series about a superhero from Lowell, Massachusetts! Created by Sam Stevquoah under Active Fantasy Productions, Mill City's Finest follows the series' main character Aundre Weah and his journey towards becoming the super hero--Momolu

In this story we bring Lowell to life in comic book form and demonstrate that a superhero in an unfamiliar superhero setting, can still make an impact and resonate with audiences! Through our protagonist we showcase a clear influence of the character's culture and heritage. Aundre is a first generation African-American. 

Besides fighting criminals and saving the day, Aundre's personal struggle is battling with identity and finding where he fits in the world.  Because of his family's negative viewpoint towards those with super powers, Aundre feels he's dishonorable. His character arc is learning that he can still honor the family name by being a hero for many. 

For more on MCF, visit our comics page and the MCF universe

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