Bio: Unlike most Uncontainable who freely use and boast their powers, Bokor contains his powers and practices secretly, and casts voodoo spells that enhance his prized public appearance as a minister at Aundre’s church. Bokor enjoys being praised as a diplomat of his community and would harm anyone who dares to expose the secret of how he came to attain that position. 

Real Name: Jean-Louis Baptiste

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 175 lbs

Powers: Bokor has the ability of dark sorcery and witchcraft, which include bringing people back from the dead and placing them under his control, and developing potions, powders, and edibles that have spiritual effects. His signature spell is called “Coup de poudre”, which causes and creates various jinxes, hexes and zombie revival curses. Through his mastery of dark magic, Bokor can summon his voodoo form at will.

Abilities: N/A