Bio: Flameshot is an Uncontainable who spends his time encouraging other Uncontainable to use their powers freely and without limitation. He wants nothing more than the liberation of his people and the downfall of the security force trying to apprehend them, and has the power to create and manipulate fire through hyper-friction. He’s charismatic, brash, and ruthless to anyone opposing him. He sees Momolu as a disobedient pupil who needs forceful guidance.

Real Name: Sebastian Q. Walker

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 165 lbs

Powers: Flameshot has mastered his Uncontainable power. He is able to create and manipulate fire through the use of hyper-friction, which includes, but isn’t limited to: igniting combustible items by rubbing his hands together, creating constructs of fire to his desire, and increasing the temperature around him and within his body. Flameshot is also completely impervious and invulnerable to heat.

Abilities: Flameshot is very knowledgeable about combustion and pyrotechnics. He developed his signature “oil seeds”, which are highly destructive items that take little effort to combust.