Bio: Worrisome and often overly precautious, our 15-year old main character, Aundre, may not be sure of many things. One thing he is certain of, however, is that wielding mystical blue energy doesn't make you an agent of the Devil if you’re using it to restore peace in your community. After gaining his powers, Aundre is still learning the limits of them, as well as being an Uncontainable. He entrusts his closest friends Hector and Rudi with his most precious secret; being Mill City’s hero, “Momolu.” Aundre fears that being exposed as an Uncontainable may be the ultimate dishonor to his family.

Real Name: Aundre Weah

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135 lbs

Powers: Aundre can conjure mystical blue energy that can aid his body in many ways, including the creation of energy blasts, shockwaves, shields, various projectiles, blinding flares, and constructs to his liking, such as his signature mask. Aundre can also focus said energy onto certain parts of his body to make it impervious to pain and temporary invulnerable, and bond his energy to a host to temporarily possess them.

Abilities: Aundre is a parkour enthusiast. He is agile, and nimble.